Reasonable jail release is guaranteed by the Eighth Amendment. When it comes to the method of release, many defendants have several choices. If the defendant is in jail for a nonviolent offense and has no criminal record, pretrial release, or Own Recognizance (OR) release, might be available. So, unfortunately most people are ineligible for OR since it requires a squeaky clean record. Cash bond might be an option as well. But for most families, three or four thousand dollars is simply out of reach and like finding a unicorn in your backyard.  As outlined below, it’s usually best to find a bail bondsman near you. In Montgomery and Robertson counties, Fizer Bonding Company is ready to get you out of jail fast and cheap!

Prompt jail release is important, and not just for personal and legal reasons. It’s important for health reasons as well. When those bars close, the brain releases hormones which trigger a person’s fight or flight instinct. Neither one of these things is an option for incarcerated people. You cannot fight or fly your way out of jail, so these hormones build up and can cause personality changes.

Back to bail bonds. Essentially, a bail bond is an insurance policy. If you have a car accident, your auto insurance company bears the financial risk. Likewise, if you fail to fulfil all bail requirements, the Montgomery County bail bonds agency, Fizer Bonding Company, bears the financial risk. We are more than an insurance company. We also help defendants and their families navigate the complex criminal justice system.

  1. No Risk

As mentioned, when you work with a Fizer Bonding Company bail bondsman, the company bears the financial risk. Attending trial is not the only condition of bond. In fact, it’s probably not even the most difficult condition. Most defendants look forward to their day in court, especially if they have been through the system before, they have a defense, and they are charged with a felony. But most defendants don’t look forward to the other conditions of bail, which include:

  • Remaining in the County: Some defendants have prepaid travel plans when they get arrested. Others work in a different county or have close family in a different county. So, for many people, this very common condition is also the most problematic one.
  • Working Full Time: Most people lose their jobs if they go to jail. Finding another job with a recent arrest on your record is no easy task. Furthermore, some people are at least partially disabled and cannot work full time. Or, they have full-time responsibilities elsewhere, maybe as a caregiver.
  • Reporting to an Office: Most sheriffs require defendants to report to the central office at least once a month. For people who have a hard time getting from place to place, for whatever reason, this requirement could be a problem.
  • Offense-Specific Conditions: There are a number of examples. DWI bail usually involves an Ignition Interlock Device. The court usually imposes these conditions but doesn’t give defendants the means to comply with them. In other words, the judge just tells you to get an IID. S/he doesn’t tell you where or how to get one.

Breaking any one of these conditions could result in bond forfeiture. Usually, there is no bond forfeiture hearing. The judge simply signs an order and takes your money.

In contrast, a bail bondsman does more than bear the financial risk. A bond company can also tailor these conditions and make them easier to comply with. More on that below.

  1. Convenient

We talked a bit about convenience above. But convenience is more than branch locations and payment options. It’s about attitude.

The sheriff just wants to take your money. At Fizer Bail Bonds, we genuinely want to help you and your family get through this difficult time. Prompt and affordable jail release is just a means to an end.

  1. Tailored Conditions

Cash bond conditions are boilerplate conditions. Everyone gets the same list. About the only exception are the offense-specific conditions. Not everyone must get an IID. Other offense-specific conditions include no-contact orders in assault cases and distance restrictions in sex offense cases (i.e. the defendant cannot be within 1,000 feet of a daycare).

At Fizer Bonding Company, we review all bail conditions with defendants before they sign on the dotted line, so there are no surprises. Additionally, if there is a problem, we work with you. So, if the defendant is charged with a sex crime and lives within 1,000 feet of a daycare, we can usually include some exemption language, so the defendant doesn’t have to pull up stakes and move immediately.

  1. More than a Cashier

Generally, the sheriff takes your cash bail money, and that’s about it. But at Fizer Bonding Company, that interaction is just the beginning. If you need more information about the criminal justice system, and we all need more data, our blog is a good place to start. We offer additional resources to our clients. At Fizer, we sincerely hope we never see you again, at least in a business context. We mean that in the best possible way.

  1. Bail Bonds Aren’t “Cash Only”

“Cash bond” isn’t just an expression. The County Sheriff’s Office only accepts cash. Deputies don’t accept checks or credit cards. Very few people have several thousand dollars in currency stuffed under their mattresses, and most ATMs have low daily withdrawal limits. 

In contrast, bail bonds companies usually accept all forms of payment. That includes checks, debit cards, credit cards, and most PayPal-type payments. There’s more. At Fizer, we often handle pretty much all details either over the phone or electronically. So, there’s no need to drive around town with large amounts of cash in the middle of the night. We don’t know of anyone who accepts Bitcoin, but that’s probably the next big thing.

On a related note, many bonding companies accept real estate and other non-cash items as payment. That’s especially true if the bail amount is particularly high, as it usually is in a murder case or other very serious felony.

To learn more about the advantages that a bail bonds agency in Clarksville, TN offers, contact Fizer Bonding Company, we have served Montgomery and Robertson County areas since 1986.  Conveniently located at 501 5th Avenue E, near the United States Postal Service in Springfield, TN. Fizer Bonding Company is a proud member of the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents. For more info about Fizer Bonding Company bail bonds, click here.

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