Most crimes have statutes of limitations. After a while, authorities may no longer pursue them. But arrest warrants have no statute of limitation Once authorities issue warrants, they stay active on the Tennessee warrant list forever. It is only a matter of time before wanted individuals roll through stop signs, try to renew their drivers’ licenses, or otherwise pop up on the radar.

Moreover, arrest warrants know no county boundaries. If in the State Of Tennessee’s, Montgomery County, issues a warrant you had better know that officers in Davidson County (or any other county) may execute it. For that matter, arrest warrants know no state boundaries either. Fortunately, Fizer Bonding Company and bail bonds near me can perform a complimentary free warrant check. Otherwise, it would take an individual many hours to do the same thing and you may not be able to do a thorough enough check on your own to know for sure if there is a warrant.

Why Do Authorities Issue Warrants?

Generally, arrest warrants pertain to some sort of noncompliance. Some authorities issue warrants quickly and others give people an opportunity to comply. A few common scenarios include:

  • Unpaid traffic tickets,

  • Probation violations, and

  • Failure to appear in court (FTA).

FTA’s are especially troublesome because they are bench warrants in Tennessee. Essentially, the judge demands that authorities deliver the defendant to the courtroom. Law enforcement officers generally have no discretion in this situation and must arrest and deliver you to the authorities.

Tennessee Bail Laws

Aside from FTAs, arrest warrants are procedurally similar to site arrests. So, roughly the same rules apply. There is one big difference though. Sometimes, a bonding company can lift arrest warrants and place the case on the court’s docket. Typically, there is no need to go to jail at all, even to book in and book out. Of course, this places you in a much better situation than if you were arrested and brought to the court. That is why if you think there is any reason that there may be a warrant out for your arrest in Robertson or Montgomery Counties, it is much better to call Fizer Bonding Company and ask for their help.

TN courts usually allow both surety bonds and cash bail. Most people find it more affordable and convenient to work with a bonding company to obtain surety bonds. The bail bond premium varies, but it is usually about 10-15 percent of the fine or bail amount. For traffic tickets, the “fine amount” is the fine listed on the citation. The amount does not include any additional costs or assessments that may be associated and due payable with the fine.

In most misdemeanors, the bail amount is AT LEAST $750. The amount can be $1,500 or more for most felonies. The amount varies based on a number of factors, mostly including the severity of the offense.

Some people might consider using the cash bail option where an individual pays the entire fine or bail amount, and after the case is over, the county refunds most of the remaining balance. But most people realize it is far more affordable, faster, and convenient to use the services of a professional bondsman. A few Tennessee counties also offer limited pretrial release but this is on a case by case and county basis. Defendants only pay processing fees, but these programs have a number of restrictions and conditions.

If you think that you or a family member or loved one might have an outstanding warrant in Montgomery or Robertson County Tennessee, you need to call Fizer Bonding Company right now and take care of it before it causes major restrictive and financial problems in your life.   If you have additional questions about how bail works, see our web page on Bail Process. The bondsman at Fizer Bonding Company is available 24/7 every day of the year and proud members of TAPBA Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents

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