What are the Consequences of Identity Theft?

passport identity theft

In 2017, over 16 million businesses and individuals lost over $16 billion to identity thieves. The monetary losses only tell part of the story. Especially to older individuals who are one of the most frequent targets. Identity theft is a very unsettling experience and for some folks a very difficult thing to overcome, especially if… Read More

Am I allowed to Leave the State While Out on Bond?

Strictly speaking, leaving the state while out on bail is one of the biggest no-nos in the book. Fortunately, Fizer Bonding Company of Clarksville, TN bail bonds office are usually flexible on this point. If you have a good reason for leaving the state, plan ahead, and contact your bondsman, there’s a good chance you… Read More

Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail at Night in Robertson County?

Unfortunately, bail bonds offices keep banker’s hours and they are completely unavailable after 5 p.m. and on weekends. Just kidding….. Since jails never close, your Fizer Bonding Company bail bondsman is available 24 hours a day every day of the year. In both felony and misdemeanor cases, bail is usually several hundred to thousands of… Read More

Is Bail Money Refundable?


During colonial times, British officials sometimes threw people in jail and either refused to set bail or made sure that the bail was unaffordable. So, lawmakers added the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution. This provision stopped these abuses. It clarified that bail is security for pretrial release and not punishment for wrongdoing. So, bail money… Read More

Does a TN Drunk and Disorderly Arrest Go on My Record?

In most cases, a Public Intoxication ticket does not go on your record. If Montgomery and Robertson County officers take someone into custody for a 39-17-310 violation, it’s not technically a public intoxication arrest. Instead, in most cases, the police place the person into protective custody. There’s a big difference. Nevertheless, police could still take… Read More

Can I Drink While I’m Out on Bail?

Tennessee law gives public and private authorities (courts and Clarksville, TN bail bondsman) broad authority to place “reasonable restrictions on the activities, movements, associations, and residences of the defendant.” Often, when defendants post bond with the sheriff, the sheriff gives them a paper with a long list of conditions then cuts them loose without explaining… Read More

Three People to Bring Along if You Turn Yourself In

Times can be tough at county jails. The one-two punch of overcrowding and understaffing has caused major problems. Throughout the United States some jail pods hold twice as many inmates as they were designed to accommodate. Furthermore, some jails have staff turnover rates as high as 30 percent. And, job postings which once drew dozens… Read More

Do TN Judges Control Bail Amounts?

From start to finish, Tennessee criminal court judges control every aspect of every case in every courtroom. WIth regard to bail and pretrial release, sometimes that control is indirect and sometimes it is direct. Bail amount is the most important element in this discussion. If the defendant cannot afford bail, nothing else with regard to… Read More

Can You Bail Yourself Out of Jail in Tennessee?

Technically, it’s possible to bail yourself out of jail. You must have sufficient cash on hand to pay the entire bail amount upfront. However, most people do not have a few thousand dollars in cash in their wallets. If they do, the sheriff will most likely confiscate it as evidence. Furthermore, Tennessee has prosecutor-friendly forfeiture… Read More

How Much is Bail for DUI in Tennessee?

The Volunteer State has some of the harshest DUI laws in the country. If police officers pull you over on suspicion for DUI, an arrest is practically inevitable. In Tennessee, even if the driver “passes” the Breathalyzer test, officers can still arrest you and Montgomery County prosecutors can still convict you. Furthermore, DUI punishments in… Read More