Help! I Drove on a Revoked License and Got Locked Up!

driving license

If you have driven on a revoked licensed in Montgomery or Robertson County, Tennessee and subsequently been arrested, you are definitely not alone. According to one study, as many as ten percent of the motorists in Tennessee are driving on a revoked license. Many of these people may not even know their license is suspended…. Read More

I Missed My Court Date…Now What?


If you have been arrested for a civil or criminal offense in Tennessee, learn about the consequences for missing court dates. Can I re-schedule my court date over the phone? Prevention is the best course of action and if you know you won’t be able to make your scheduled court appearance, contact the Court Clerk… Read More

3 Collateral Types To Secure Your Bail Bond

A bondsman or bail bond company can help you or your loved one affordably be released from jail after they have been arrested. Depending upon your financial situation and amount of bond set, it might be difficult to for you to pay your bail amount in cash. That’s where bail collateral comes in to play…. Read More

Can I Be Arrested for a DUI in Tennessee?

If you decide to drink and drive in the state of Tennessee, there are serious consequences per Tennessee DUI laws that you must face if you should be pulled over and arrested by law enforcement. Can I Be Arrested for a DUI in Tennessee? The answer is yes. Effective July 1, 2016, new TN DUI… Read More

How Do Tennessee Courts Determine Bail?

Tennessee courts may refer to the Tennessee Constitution and Tennessee code annotated for bail bond laws to determine bail for lesser misdemeanor crimes by state mandated statutes and by a judge or state commissioner for State or Felony charges.  The first thing to understand when determining bail is whether the crime you or your loved one… Read More