Regardless of the amount, most all bail bonds require cosigners. Typically, officials impound all the money that defendants have access to when they are arrested. They also block access to bank accounts and credit cards. There may be an anomaly here and there, but most of the time a defendant will need someone’s help with securing money for the bail bondsman.

So, cosigners play an important role in the Fizer Bonding Company (bail bonds clarksville tn) bail process. They coordinate with the defendant financial details and communicate these with the bond agent. They also make sure that information necessary for the bondsman is given and essentially carry the burden of representing the needs of the defendant to the bondsman to help get them bonded out of jail.

Unless the defendant is free before trial, the bedrock presumption of innocence essentially becomes a presumption of guilt. If they remain in jail, many defendants feel pressure to take unfavorable plea deals just to “get it over with.” Additionally, people who are behind bars cannot participate in their own defenses in any meaningful way.

A Fizer Bonding Company 24-hour bail bondsman changes that dynamic. People who are free before trial have more legal options and can take their time to find a lawyer and help their lawyers prepare for their defense by being available whenever needed. Moreover, they can obviously earn money at work while they spend time with family and friends and take care of their obligations. These abilities that only freedom can make happen, make even the bleakest situations a little brighter.

Bail Bond Cosigner Requirements

A bail bond is usually both a cash and credit arrangement. The cosigner must pay the bail bondsman their premium, which is usually only 10 or 15 percent of the bail amount. Additionally, they will make sure that the co-signer has sufficient resources to cover the entire amount, if necessary. This process may or may not involve a credit check and collateral. Most co-signers must prove that they have lived as a resident in their community and at the same address for a certain period of time.

The entire amount might become due if the defendant fails to meet any of the bail bond requirements therefore, a cosigner is usually highly invested in helping make sure that the defendant appear for their court date on the right day and time. Appearing at trial is the most important requirement. Other requirements include checking in with a bail bondsman and complying with offense-specific conditions, such as a vehicle Ignition Interlock Device in a DUI case.

What Happens After Cosigner Removal?

Rules can vary among different bonding companies, but generally with Fizer Bonding Company (bail bond near me), if a cosigner believes the defendant may not meet all the conditions, the cosigner is still responsible for the defendants debt to them. Fizer Bonding Company is committed to keeping clear and current communication with both the defendant and the co-signer. This helps prevent confusion and give the best opportunity to ensure all bail conditions are met.

If the cosigner withdraws, the bond becomes null and void. Authorities may issue an arrest warrant for the defendant to be returned to the court after a certain period of time if they cannot be found. Should the bail bond agency have to hire a private bounty hunter to find the defendant, the Indemnitor (cosigner) might have to pay this cost as well. The defendant could voluntarily surrender at a local jail, or wait to be re-arrested. Either way, the whole pretrial release process basically starts over.

Fizer Bonding Company uses their 30 years of experience to ensure Montgomery and Robertson County bail bond cosigners fully understand their responsibilities and help defendants succeed in meeting all bail conditions. A win-win situation is in everyone’s best interest. And our Hassle-Free Bail Bond Services will get everyone back to their normal routine. For more info about how bail bonds work click here. Fizer Bonding Company is a member of Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents.

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