Unfortunately, bail bonds offices keep banker’s hours and they are completely unavailable after 5 p.m. and on weekends.

Just kidding…..

Since jails never close, your Fizer Bonding Company bail bondsman is available 24 hours a day every day of the year. In both felony and misdemeanor cases, bail is usually several hundred to thousands of dollars. Fortunately, you can pay your bondsman a small percentage of the original bail amount for a bond to get you out of jail fast. A bail bondsman does not just prepare a legal surety bond that releases the defendant. Fizer Bonding Company also handles all the paperwork and answers all your questions about the conditions of bail and the criminal justice process in Montgomery and Robertson counties

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

As far as the defendant is concerned, a bail bond is basically a contract. In exchange for immediate jail release, the defendant must follow some conditions. One such condition is paying Fizer Bonding Company their premium, which is normally about 10-15% of your full bail bond amount. Tennessee law also gives Clarksville, TN bail bonds offices broad discretion to impose additional conditions, such as:

  • Attending all required court dates, including any mandatory pretrial hearings,
  • Regular in-person reporting,
  • Notifying your bondsman (bail bond near me) of any address or work changes,
  • Remaining in the county or the state, and
  • Avoiding further criminal law trouble.

The judge often imposes additional offense-specific conditions as well. For example, DUI bail bonds often include Ignition Interlock Device requirements. IIDs disable vehicle ignitions if the driver’s BAC level is above .04 or another pre-set level. The defendant usually bears all the installation, monitoring, and other costs.

After the case is resolved, the bail bond contract is null and void. All the bail conditions disappear.

How Long After Posting Bail is an Inmate Released?

Generally, Montgomery County officials release inmates within two hours after they receive bail paperwork from Fizer Bonding Company. This is a lot better than spending days or even weeks in jail trying contacting friends and family to gather up the cash for you to pay your bail bond in full. This is why utilizing professional bonding services are necessary for most people and made convenient for you to use.

Processing times are usually faster during weekdays when staff levels are high and jail populations are relatively low. Nights and weekends, especially holiday weekends, the wait time may be a bit longer.

Sometimes, there are unavoidable delays. Domestic violence assault cases are a good example. Many times, the sheriff will not allow the defendant to return to the scene of the incident. So, the defendant must have someplace to go prior to release and verify this with authorities as well.

If you have an outstanding warrant and need to turn yourself in, it’s usually best to call Fizer Bonding to find out the best time to turn yourself in and make advance arrangements with your bail bondsman, these steps greatly reduce processing and wait times.

Remember, you are not alone when you get arrested! Fizer Bonding Company is here to help you or your loved one get out of jail in the middle of the night, the day time, lunch time, dinner time, or anytime the need calls. Our professional and compassionate bondsman are available 24/7 every day of the year to lend a listening ear to your questions and get a fast release back out on the street, call us now.

If you have more questions about how bail bonds work, see our website page: https://fizerbailbonds.com/how-do-bail-bonds-work/.  Fizer Bonding Company is a member of Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents.

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