In many ways, church is an escape from this world. But using the church as a sanctuary from the law is not one of those ways. A church is not like a foreign embassy. Montgomery County peace officers still have authority in local churches. This might come as a shock to some people if you had illusions that not only can the church save your soul but it can also save you from the law. You might be right on the first assumption but you are most definitely be wrong on the second.

As a matter of fact, police officers do not even need warrants to enter churches, in some situations. The hot pursuit exception allows an officer to enter churches, homes, businesses, and other buildings if they are chasing a criminal suspect.

In the pre-Christian era ancient Greeks and Romans recognized temples and altars as a space of religious sanctuary to be observed as places of fair treatment. For the most part, everyone was supposed to be free to safely pray and worship without discrimination or prejudice.  Later in Europe, the concept of religious sanctuary took place in churches and their surrounding landscape. Often the surrounding perimeter of the church was considered a space of sanctuary.

Imagine the children’s game of “Mother May I”… where you ask “Mother May I” to be granted permission to take a number of steps forward. The people chasing someone would have to ask the church “Mother May I” and the church would be able to say, “no, you have to stay 100 feet away and you may not cross onto this side of the grass”.

People could utilize these spaces for protection and safe refuge. Toward the 16th century the power of “the church” waned and so did the practice of safe sanctuary. Pretty much if someone was after you they could bust in through the doors and take you to your awaiting punishment.

When the police are after you, however you try to evade them, they will almost certainly catch up to you eventually. Soon after this point, in Montgomery and Robertson Counties, it’s time to contact Fizer Bonding Company (bail bond near me) and begin the jail release process.

Pre-Arraignment Jail Release

In Robertson County, as in most other jurisdictions, there are three ways to get out of jail before seeing a judge.

Limited pretrial release may be available. If the defendant is charged with a nonviolent offense, like passing a bad check, and has no criminal record, a review board may authorize OR (Own Recognizance) release.

But that description does not fit the variety of reasons one becomes a jail inmate. Furthermore, the pretrial release review board is in no hurry. It may be several days or weeks before they look at the case.

Posting the entire bond amount in cash is another option. That bond amount is usually about $1500 for a misdemeanor and $3000 for most felonies. When the case is over, the person who posted that bond gets most of it back.

Most people do not have a couple of thousand dollars just lying around. $2000 might as well be $2,000,000.

Working with a bonding agent from Fizer Bonding Company bonds results in the fewest question marks. For about a 10 percent premium, your bondsman writes a security bond that immediately releases you or a loved one.

There are other positives as well. For example, your bail bondsman is a good resource person. Most people have lots of questions about the criminal justice process in Clarksville, Tennessee and your bonding company agent offers reliable answers and can point you in the right direction after your release.

24 Hour Bail Bondsmen and Post-Arraignment Release

Most defendants see a judge or magistrate within two days after arrest. At the arraignment, the judge reads the charges against the defendant and also reconsiders bail.

The presumptive amount usually just takes into account the severity of the offense and the defendant’s criminal record. At the arraignment, the judge may consider other factors as well, such as the defendant’s connection to the community and the defendant’s risk of flight. If the judge reduces bond, your Fizer Bonding Company bondsman will have an even easier time securing your release.

Since the U.S. has never recognized religious sanctuary into state or federal law, you can count on Fizer Bonding Company, family owned and with over 30 years of bonding experience, to secure a prompt jail release when needed. If you have more questions about how bail bonds work, see our webpage  Fizer Bonding Company is a member of the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents.

“We’ll get your tail outta jail!”

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