Yes, you have the right to refuse to sign a traffic ticket. But it may not be a wise idea to forcefully assert this right because failure to sign a traffic ticket does not necessarily have the effect that some people may think it has.

When police officers pull you over, you do have rights. One of your most important rights is the right to remain silent. This also means the right not to do anything, like sign a ticket. But, this right is not unlimited. Meaning you must identify yourself and produce some documents, like a drivers’ license and proof of insurance.

Also remember, that officers expect you to acknowledge them when they have pulled you over and also carry a defending weapon at their side. If you antagonize them, the encounter could end very, very badly. So, if you refuse to sign a ticket, be respectful, even if in your opinion, the officer does not deserve respect.

Additionally, an unsigned ticket is not a get-out-of-jail-free card. The ticket is still legally valid. Your signature is just a promise to appear in court. You are not admitting or denying any facts or allegations. This is a very important point to remember if you think you are going to be smart and just pretend like the officer did not stop you and you did not get a citation simply by not signing the ticket.

One of the reasons it is a good idea to sign and accept your ticket is so you have the information you need to address the citation at your finger-tips. All of the information you need is printed on the ticket. Without the ticket, you could miss the court date that is on the ticket, or know what the payment and due date are and where to send the funds. If you miss the due date or other deadlines, the court will probably issue a bench warrant. It does not matter if you signed the ticket or not. If the court issues a warrant, you probably need to call Fizer Bonding Company (bail bonds clarksville tn).

Clearing Bench Warrants in Montgomery County

Speaking of warrants, arrest warrants, including bench warrants, have no statute of limitations. They remain active until a peace officer serves them, a judge withdraws them, or Fizer Bonding Company and their 24-hour bail bondsman lifts them.

Any peace officer can serve an arrest warrant at any time. The warrant does not have to be from that county, or even from that state. An officer can serve an arrest warrant coming from any court. If you’re arrested, you probably need to work with a Fizer Bonding Company bonding agent (bail bond near me) if you want to get out of jail quickly.

The issuing judge usually withdraws the warrant once the defendant has complied with whatever order triggered the warrant. But in the traffic ticket realm, that usually means pleading guilty and paying the entire fine; which probably will include additional fines and fees if you have a warrant. This can be a complicated situation and it’s usually a good idea to consult with a bondsman and an attorney.

Bail bondsmen routinely work with people who voluntarily surrender to avoid arrest. Be sure you’ve already made prior arrangements with Fizer Bonding Company. Otherwise, you could be waiting in the facility for a very long time.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Robertson County Traffic Ticket

If you received a non-moving violation, also known as a “fix-it ticket” for something like an expired drivers’ license, and you take care of the problem before the due date, then the court should automatically dismiss the ticket. If that does not happen, then it may be best to get the advice of a lawyer.

On the other hand, if you received a ticket for a moving violation, like speeding, the advice and representation of a lawyer may be beneficial, especially if you already have points on your license.

If you have been arrested on a traffic-related arrest in Clarksville, TN or simply wonder if there is a traffic related warrant out there with your name on it, call Fizer Bonding Company for 24/7 bonding services. We are family-owned and have served the bonding needs of Montgomery and Robertson Counties for over 40 years. Fizer Bonding Company is a proud member of the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents. For more info about Fizer Bonding Company bail bonds, click here.

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