The criminal justice world can be confusing, frustrating, and down right scary to many of us. Finding a qualified lawyer is the best way to make sure someone is fighting on your side. If you are charged with a serious felony in Clarksville, TN and facing consequences of many years in prison, you don’t want someone “practicing” or operating outside their comfort zone on your case. You want a gifted and thoughtful lawyer that frequently handles the exact kind of criminal charge that you just have been charged with and who has a winning record. 

Below are some specific things to look for when evaluating your choice in attorneys.


You want a lawyer that is well educated. While the exact pedigree of law school a lawyer went to doesn’t always make the lawyer, you certainly want a lawyer who took their education seriously and has passed the appropriate bar exams.  Law schools generally fall into three categories of accreditation, American Bar Association (ABA) accredited, state accredited or unaccredited.   You can check the credentials of any law school online.  


You also need a professional lawyer with a sensible presence who is revered within the courts. The more respected your lawyer is, the better he will be able to negotiate, win critical motions, and get rulings favorable to your case.  A respectable lawyer is respectable everywhere in the community – at church, at PTA, at the gym and in court. Your first impression of a prospective attorney is probably the same impression most everyone else has as well. If they look shabby and disorganized, they might not be the right one for you.  

General Experience

You want a lawyer who has been practicing for longer than a hot minute if your case is a serious felony such as murder, vehicular manslaughter, forcible rape, or child molestation. The more years a lawyer has practiced means that he or she has handled more situations, more cases, and more trials. That combined expertise means they’re going to be ready to analyze your case faster and with additional accuracy than a junior professional. Years of expertise means that they understand all the moves and the way to implement them effectively at the correct moment.

Experience with Charges like Yours

Make sure your professional has handled several cases of the kind of charges you’ve got. If you are charged with aggravated assault, for instance, you want a lawyer who has handled and tried several similar cases.  A prospective attorney ought to be ready to cite many samples of jury trial results and favorable settlements with the same type of charge you are facing. There is no reason to not find a professional with an extended record of winning. 

Competent skilled professionals exist in every community who are capable of getting you the best results. A little work trying to find one will be worth the effort. If you throw your money away on someone who isn’t up to the task you won’t find out until it is too late.   Don’t just ask people to refer you to a good lawyer. You may just be getting a friend or a business referral. Ask people: “Who are the best Clarksville or Springfield criminal defense lawyers to handle a serious state court felony trial case?” You will likely get a list of great lawyers to evaluate.  The good lawyers will all talk to you and you will be able to see the difference and choose who you are most comfortable with and can afford.

Lastly the most important factor in selecting your lawyer is that you are comfortable speaking openly and honestly with him or her.   Do you feel that a working relationship can develop? A good working relationship and communication can be a vital key to the success of your case.

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