Generally, contempt of court does not go on your record. However, the actual result usually depends on your reaction or how you deal with the charge. Most recently, even a high profile person like Elon Musk has had to deal with Contempt of Court charges.

Civil contempt is usually disobeying a court order, like refusing to pay child support. Technically, the defendant could refuse to pay child support forever, and the contempt would become permanent. But most people in Tennessee purge these contempt charges by either fully or partially complying (e.g. the judge approves an installment payment plan).

The same is true of criminal contempt, which is usually disrupting judicial proceedings. That could be something extreme, like calling the judge a nasty name, or something rather minor, like failing to silence a cell phone. If the defendant sincerely apologizes, normally all is forgiven. But absent such an apology, the criminal contempt charge could become a permanent conviction. It always pays off to play nice and be respectful…especially in court.

In both these situations, a Fizer Bonding Company, 24-hour bail bondsman may be able to secure an immediate release, so you will have some space to work things out (bail bonds clarksville tn).

What Happens When You are in Contempt of Court?

In civil contempt cases, the judge normally issues a bench warrant. That warrant goes into the computer, and the next time you are pulled over for anything, you will probably go to jail. Your Fizer Bonding Company bonding agent can usually clear the warrant before you get arrested. If you think that you might have an outstanding warrant let them do a FREE Bail Consultation and a warrant check for you and save yourself the time and expense of an unexpected arrest.  In other cases, Fizer Bonding Company can do a surety bond after you are arrested. In all civil contempt cases, your bondsman is an excellent resource person.

Criminal contempt cases work a bit differently. If the defendant is disruptive, the judge may order the bailiff to put the defendant in the holding cell. After everyone cools off, the defendant usually apologizes or pays a small fine, and the matter goes away without a permanent conviction.

How Can a Bail Bond Near Me Help?

Pre-arrest warrant clearing usually involves a brief bookin and bookout at the county jail. Your Fizer Bonding Company bondsman can prepare all the paperwork for you in advance, so you do not have a long or unexpected wait time. Nevertheless, even if you go at a non-peak time, the process may take at least two or three hours.

After an arrest, your Fizer bondsman basically does the same thing. Most people must pay about a 10-15 percent premium for a bail bond. This premium does not just cover getting out of jail. It also pays for other bail bond services, such as answering all questions about the conditions of bond and the criminal justice process as well as be a support to you and your family if there are Conditions of Release such as that the defendant accept completion of a treatment program or any other conditions that need to be met while they are out on bail.

If you have been involved in contempt of court situation and find yourself in jail call Fizer Bonding Company. We understand that life happens and our bondsman is available in Springfield, Tennessee and throughout Robertson and Montgomery Counties 24/7. Fizer Bonding Company is a proud member of the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents. For more info about Fizer Bonding Company bail bonds, click here.

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