The coronavirus pandemic is keeping many people at home more often and with stress and anxiety about COVID-19 unrelenting as ever, many of us are ready to get back outside and back on with our lives. But among all the stresses and problems of the past few months, the pandemic has had a surprising positive outcome—juvenile arrests in Tennessee and around the country have dropped sharply since the pandemic began.

It’s always good news to see juvenile arrests going down. Fizer Bonding Company isn’t just devoted to helping all parents worrying “where can I find bail bond near me?’” secure bond for their child—we’re also a family owned and operated business and place great importance on family values, relationship bonding, and togetherness, and. And it’s that togetherness that has caused this change in juvenile arrests. Here, we’ll look at what’s behind this trend, and how families might go about keeping up these results after the pandemic.

Why are juvenile arrests going down?

With fewer youth in need of juvenile bonds in Montgomery County and fewer families in need of a bondsman in most counties around the country, it’s obvious that this decrease in juvenile arrests is part of a trend. This pattern started in March 2020, back when the coronavirus first started to spread in the US—around that time, releases from juvenile facilities increased as well, something that can be chalked up to some states releasing some juvenile detainees and inmates to cut down on population density. But that doesn’t explain why fewer juveniles are being arrested and imprisoned.

What does explain it? All of the time families have been spending at home. During this time of quarantine and social distancing, teens have less of an opportunity to get into trouble to begin with. With many public places closed, they simply don’t have the option to be out and about. And with many parents working from home—and the high numbers of students studying from home—teens are spending more time than ever with their parents or overseeing adults, and with all this added supervision, not as many are getting into situations or places to be arrested.

What other factors contribute to this trend?

It’s not just added supervision that’s helping teens stay out of trouble, though that is an important thing contributing to these numbers. With some parents working from home and trying to balance work and helping their children with schoolwork, and with some parents newly unemployed or shortened work hours, leaving them with more time than before to help, parents are more involved than ever with daily social interaction and the schoolwork their children are doing from home.

While this might seem unrelated, it’s actually been shown that when parents are engaged with a child’s schoolwork and social life, the outcomes can help the child improve issues like behavior and attendance, which can greatly impact a child’s future success—and keep them out of trouble. In fact, family bonding and togetherness as a whole can help keep teens on track as they grow up. And with all the extra time families have spent together lately, many are building those bonds and helping their teens in the long run—and setting up great foundations for younger children down the road.

Another factor? Family dinners have also been shown to help keep teens out of trouble. And with many restaurants closed and families cooking or eating at home more often, family dinner times are happening more than they did when prior hectic out-of-the-house schedules kept them away from each other. The Family Table, or eating together can promote relationship bonding that’s so important to helping reduce juvenile troubles, crime, and arrests.

How can we keep these family-value based benefits in the future?

With all of these factors working together to promote teen success, it’s no wonder that when it comes to needing bail bonds for your son, daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew in Clarksville TN, residents are breathing a sigh of relief. Some families may be wondering how to keep their teens out of trouble once the pandemic ends—or how to ensure these stronger bonds and relationships will continue.

The good news is that the bonding you’re doing will likely have positive long-term effects. When you build those strong relationships, it lays the groundwork for successful future relationships—meaning teens may be more likely to turn to you when they have problems, or will have a healthier sense of how to deal with emotions that can lead to behavior problems. How to build those bonds? Spending time in physical proximity to each other is a start, but you can make the most of this time to get the best results later on.

Spend time getting to know your family—especially if that’s while you’re spending screen-free time with your family. Playing a game—or a conversation-starter game designed to help get families talking—sharing stories about your day at dinner, or going outside for a few minutes can get you laughing together and promote open communication. This kind of open communication helps promote the kind of bonding that’s so important.

Looking for a way to start? Talk about the pandemic, how it affects you, and discuss things you can do to help you feel better and be more involved in improving your life. This can help ensure that no one spends too much time online—yourself included—and can keep those avenues open. Everyone’s been impacted—if you have been, your kids have been, too—and you can start out sharing with each other what changes have happened in your lives and how this is impacting you. Even something as simple as washing dishes together or completing other chores together can teach your teens important life skills while giving you some time to get to know each other better.

HELP! Something’s gone wrong with my child, where can I find a bail bond near me?

While juvenile arrest rates are dropping during 2020, they aren’t gone—even during Covid-19, a young one may still get in trouble. If you have a child (or another loved one) who has been arrested, jail during Covid-19 can be even more dangerous than usual.

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