The Volunteer State has some of the harshest DUI laws in the country. If police officers pull you over on suspicion for DUI, an arrest is practically inevitable. In Tennessee, even if the driver “passes” the Breathalyzer test, officers can still arrest you and Montgomery County prosecutors can still convict you.

Furthermore, DUI punishments in Tennessee are very severe. You may stay in jail for up to a year on a first-time DUI. So, sitting out the sentence is clearly not an option. Fizer Bonding Company (bail bond near me) can arrange your pretrial release for a fraction of the bail amount. Studies show that pretrial release gives defendants an advantage in court, and in these situations, defendants need all the breaks they can get.

The Amount of Bail in a Robertson County DUI

Driving under the influence is one of the most commonly-charged offenses in Tennessee. In many jurisdictions, about half the probationers in the system were arrested for DUI. So, the sheriff sets presumptive bail amounts for these offenses, in most cases. Therefore, DUI arrestees may be able to get out of jail before they see judges.

Typically, the presumptive amount is around $1,500 for a misdemeanor and $2,000 + for felony DUI. Other factors, such as aggravating circumstances (child passenger) or additional charges (open container) may affect the presumptive amount.

Bail usually includes conditions as well. For example, in DUIs, most drivers must install Ignition Interlock Devices in their vehicles. These gadgets, which some people call a “blow and go,” disable the ignition if the driver has a BAC above a certain level.

Your Fizer bondsman can usually not do anything about the conditions of release. But they can normally write a surety bond for a fraction of the bail amount. Additionally, your Fizer bail bondsman is an excellent resource person for you and your family when you do not know where else to get the information.

Adjusting Bail for DUIs

Roughly half the households in Tennessee do not have enough cash on hand to cover a $400 emergency expense. So, a $1,500 bail might as well be fifteen million dollars. If the defendant cannot make bail, sometimes an attorney will request a bail adjustment hearing.

At this hearing, the judge may consider a number of factors. But according to a landmark study, the two most important factors are:

  • Severity of Offense: Alcohol causes about a third of the fatal car crashes in Tennessee. So, from that viewpoint, DUI is a very serious offense. But if the defendant must drive with an ID, there is basically no risk. The severity of the offense is not much of an issue.
  • Criminal Record: Sometimes, the prosecutor tries to use very old convictions as a way to keep the defendant in jail. But an attorney can argue that these incidents are not only old but also have little to do with the current infraction or with the defendant’s likelihood of fleeing the jurisdiction.

Judges have a great deal of discretion at this hearing, so assertive representation is critical to a successful outcome.

At Fizer Bonding Company we understand the severity of a DUI arrest and work hard for your fast and professional release from jail. Our bail bond agent will work with the defendant or designated party to secure your bond release. Our bond consultation is free and we are available 24/7 365 every day of the year in Montgomery and Robertson County.  If you have more questions about how bail bonds work, see our website page: Fizer Bonding Company is a member of Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents.

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