With the coronavirus pandemic still going on around the country, many of us are finding that our holiday plans look a little different this year than they have in years before. Social distancing, travel difficulties, quarantine, loss of jobs, and other factors are making traditions harder to carry out. Stress and anxiety about COVID-19 is running high, and it’s more important than ever to stay safe during the holidays—and not just because of coronavirus.

You might not know it, but crime rates and arrests spike during the holidays. Yes—even during a time of year that for many of us is about family and a spirit of giving, this time of year doesn’t always go well for everyone. Every year, there will be people arrested and left wondering, “where can I find a bail bond near me” during this season where most of us are home enjoying our families.

At the Fizer Bonding Company, we provide Robertson and Montgomery County bail bonds (bonding) with fast, courteous customer service available 24/7 to get you bonded and out of jail. We also conveniently provide the information you need during the process of posting bail. Below is helpful information about how to stay safe during the holidays. This just might help you stay/get out of a sticky situation down the road. Read on to learn more about the holiday arrest trend, how to stay safe, and what you should do if you’re arrested.

Why are there more arrests during the holidays?

There are a few reasons behind this yearly spike. During the holidays, many stores increase security to watch for shoplifting. That’s because stores want to protect their products and profit—and because pressure to give expensive gifts can make people without the money to buy them desperate and increase theft.

That’s not to say that everyone who gets in trouble for shoplifting around the holidays does it on purpose—in fact, sometimes mistakes or accidents are mistaken for shoplifting behaviors. Security watches for actions like hiding items, changing price tags, or scanning a less expensive item for a more expensive one—mistakes can happen that might be taken for intentional shoplifting. And it’s hard for even an innocent person to convince security, especially as tensions run high with crowds and long days of work.

Another reason? Alcohol. When people drink at social gatherings, they might find that they’re more likely to get into a confrontation—even with a friend or loved one—when tensions run high. This kind of disorderly conduct can get you in trouble. And if you drive home after drinking, you might find yourself arrested for drunk driving—in fact, that’s the leading cause of arrests on New Year’s Eve.

What about COVID-19 and the holidays?

In 2020, it’s not just arrests you need to worry about—it’s coronavirus, too. Over the past months of the pandemic, we’ve seen spikes in COVID cases after holidays like Labor Day and Halloween and experts predict that there will be spikes during the winter holidays, too. Travel and big gatherings—especially big indoor gatherings—can spread the virus.

And that alcohol consumption that raises arrests and lowers inhibitions, when combined with pandemic fatigue, can motivate people to relax normal social distance precautions and help contribute to the spread of the virus. A mistletoe kiss this year could be deadly.

How can I stay safe?

If you’re arrested during the holidays and during the pandemic? Prisons and jails have been COVID hotspots—meaning that it’s more important than ever to stay safe. In 2020, that means avoiding arrest, practicing COVID-19 safety precautions and—if you are arrested—posting bond and getting out of jail or the holding area as quickly as possible. Looking for help with bail bonds in Clarksville TN, Springfield TN, and the rest of Montgomery and Robertson Counties? You can get help from Fizer Bonding Company—read on for more!

What other actions can you take? Follow guidelines on how to stay safe from coronavirus. Limit travel and avoid large gatherings, especially when they’re indoors. While it might be painful in the short-term to rethink traditions, it’s the best way to stay safe for now. Getting together over Zoom, FaceTime or other online platforms can help limit close contact, especially for the elderly or people with compromised immune systems.

What if you’re going to have guests at your place or if you’re going to be a guest? Wear your mask and keep your distance, and try to meet outside. If you can’t, open the windows and try to limit the number of guests who will be there. Bring your own food, plates, and utensils. Try to use disposable or single-use options, too. Remember to disinfect high-touch surfaces, wash your hands, and avoid touching your face. Bring your own personal size bottle of hand sanitizer and tissues and discreetly wipe down your personal eating area before you sit down your cup, plate, and fork. 

Talk to your guests about what precautions they’ve been taking, and lay out ground rules for what precautions everyone will take when you’re together. Remember that emotions and frustration are running high with the pandemic—establishing guidelines ahead of time might help cut down on some tensions that can lead to misunderstandings and arguments between people.

Some coronavirus precautions: shopping online rather than in person to avoid crowds—might help lower those shoplifting arrests that plague the holiday season. Avoiding large gatherings and simply staying at home can help lower the opportunities you have to drive under the influence. If you’re going to be somewhere, remember to watch your drinking and choose a designated driver. Keeping your sobriety and inhibitions in place and not lowering them with alcohol or other substances can also help prevent the spread of the virus. 

What should I do if myself or a  loved one is arrested and I need to find a bail bond near me?

Call Fizer Bonding Company (bail bonds Clarksville TN) for 24/7 bail bond services. We make it fast and easy for family and friends to post a loved one’s bond—which is especially important during the holiday season and during the pandemic.

For more info about our bail bonds, you can read about how the process works here. Need to contact us? Find our contact information and location information here. We get your tail out of jail – during the holidays and all year round. Fizer Bonding Company is a proud member of the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents. For more info about Fizer Bonding Company bail bonds, click here.

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