Bail Revocation Issues in Montgomery and Robertson County

When people bond out of jail, they usually receive paperwork detailing the conditions of bail which always includes showing up for court dates.  Failure to appear in court is a serious issue for staying out on bail. The county jurisdiction of your bond usually has some conditions, and the private bond company (Fizer Bonding Company) has some conditions as well. Any violation of those conditions could cause adverse action that puts the defendant back in jail. These actions include bond forfeiture, a bond revocation charge, or going off the bond.

Typically, county bail conditions include committing no other criminal infractions while the case is pending, remaining in the jurisdiction, and general good behavior. Most bail bonds near me require defendants to report at least once a month and keep the company apprised of their current contact information.

What Happens When a Bond is Forfeited with Fizer Bonding Company?

If the defendant fails to appear in court, the judge usually forfeits the bond. There is no hearing and the judge’s action is entirely unilateral. Failure to appear sometimes means jail time. But more often than not, the judge sets a new bail. A failure to appear bond is usually higher.

Sometimes, a judge forfeits bond for other reasons, like a subsequent arrest. But typically, if these things happen, prosecutors file motions to revoke bond.

Motion to Revoke Bond

Prosecutors rarely file these motions unless the charges are very serious, like murder. There are several grounds for a motion to revoke bond, including:

  • Subsequent arrest,
  • Threats against a witness,
  • Defendant’s efforts to leave the jurisdiction, and
  • New evidence against the defendant.

At a bond revocation hearing, the judge hears both sides. Then, the judge may keep the bail amount the same, increase it, or revoke it altogether. If the judge increases the bail amount, the defendant usually has a few days to come up with the additional money.

Going Off the Bond (Bondsman Revocation Grounds)

When one person offers security for another person, there is an element of risk. Just like, if you co-sign a friend’s loan and your friend stops making payments on the loan, you are legally responsible for the loan amount. If a bondsman promises that a defendant will appear in court and the defendant does not do so, the bondsman faces severe consequences. The county could demand the entire cash bond amount, or the county could revoke the bondsman’s license. This is why the bondsman at Fizer Bonding Company are heavily invested in making sure that their bond clients are well aware of their bond requirements and court dates. Bondsman serve their greater community by offering support and resources to the defendants and their families who have been released on bond.

So, as mentioned, bondsmen take steps to ensure the defendant’s appearance. If the defendant does not check in, moves without telling the company, or violates any other bond condition, the bondsman could go off the bond.

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