American companies are very adaptive. They have figured out that many people prefer doing business over the internet. They have also learned that such transactions cost a lot less. As a result, the number of e-commerce transactions has more than tripled since 2010. Normally, bonding companies have very high costs. So, many companies have shifted most or all their business to the internet. If they have brick-and-mortar establishments, these facilities are rarely open 24/7/365 and often keep their doors open from the afternoon to late evening if the area has after hours foot traffic.

At Fizer Bonding Company, we take an all inclusive approach. Our Montgomery County bond service has a fully functional website. We hope you take advantage of this site to learn more about us. However, our site is mostly informational. We do not have a payment portal. We prefer to conduct most or all of our business live and in person, or over the phone. This business model keeps our costs reasonable and also helps prevent us from passing on any unnecessary costs onto our clients. Furthermore, we are not in the bail bond business to just make money. We are in this business to help people.

Raison d’Etre

According to the 1987 cult film Raising Arizona, the FBI’s reason for existence is tracking down microbes on criminals and Communists. Our raison d’etre is protecting your freedom, in more ways than one, and jumpstarting your criminal defense. In other words, the people we help are not just our customers.

Incarceration impairs social health, to say the least. People who are behind bars miss moments in life that never come back again. Like most people, Fizer Bonding Company believes in personal responsibility. We do not believe that friends and family should pay the price for mistakes that someone else makes, but we also understand that it is friends and family that come forward to help when their loved one is in jail and needs to get out quickly. Incidentally, in terms of criminal laws, there is a difference between moral and legal responsibility. More on that below.

Incarceration also affects mental health. Jail usually changes people, for better or for worse. As soon as the cell doors close, the body begins producing huge amounts of stress hormones. People have different reactions to the resulting chemical changes in their brains. Some people are determined not to go back to jail again, so they make life changes. In other cases, the chemical changes are overwhelming, and the resulting personality changes are more unpredictable. 

As for a legal defense, incarcerated individuals cannot assist in this process in any meaningful way. In fact, due to the coronavirus pandemic, authorities often restrict personal contact between attorneys and clients even more than they did before. Additionally, due to the aforementioned chemical changes, many jail inmates are not thinking clearly. As a result, they often make decisions that hamper their legal defense down the road.

In this context, there’s a big difference between legality and morality. Defense attorneys are primarily concerned not with what the defendant did, but what the state can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Fizer Bonding Company works hard to “get your tail outta jail fast”…this is our way of providing proactive help to the citizens of our area, proving we are the real deal. 

A Fizer bail bond is a conditional release instrument. The sheriff agrees to release the defendant if the defendant follows certain conditions. For the most part, authorities allow the bonding company to decide what conditions to impose. Some bonding companies never make adjustments in this area. They simply expect all defendants to fully comply with all conditions. But we try to be different.

Assume Terry, who lives in Robertson County and works in Montgomery County, is arrested for DUI. A common condition at Fizer Bonding Company, and pretty much all other bail bonds companies near you, is remaining in the county at all times. Obviously, such a requirement would be a problem for Terry. Although he is not trying to skip bail, which is the reason for this requirement, Terry would technically be violating his bond conditions every Monday through Friday.

We usually have the flexibility to modify or eliminate generic conditions such as this one. Most likely, we would modify this condition to accommodate work requirements and prohibit him from traveling outside Robertson County or Montgomery County areas. 

Such changes are not always possible. DUI is a good example. Judges often impose IID (Ignition Interlock Device) requirements in these situations.

An IID is basically a Breathalyzer that is attached to a vehicle’s ignition (which is paid for by the bond client). The defendant must provide a chemical sample below a certain level, usually .04, before the vehicle will start. Furthermore, while the car is moving, the defendant must give periodic samples which must all be below the pre-set maximum level.

We usually cannot alter conditions that a judge adds to bail bonds. However, we can connect Terry to an IID provider and help him understand how to comply with the judge’s order. At a subsequent bail modification hearing, sometimes a lawyer can request the judge with additional evidence to eliminate or modify restrictive conditions like IID requirements.

Information About the System

Many of the people we help have never been arrested before. They do not know where the courthouse is, and they certainly don’t know what to expect in the criminal justice process. We are not lawyers, but we can give people some information about what procedures come next, so they can have valuable information to make the best decisions available to them. Once again, proving we are the real deal. 

Most people assume that if the police arrest someone, that person did something wrong. But as mentioned, there’s a difference between moral and legal guilt. There’s also a difference between an arrest and a conviction. Police officers need probable cause to arrest defendants. That’s one of the lowest levels of proof in Tennessee law. Juries may only convict defendants if prosecutors provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s one of the highest levels of proof in Tennessee law.

Furthermore, many offenses involve procedural defenses, like an illegal interrogation or illegally seized evidence. If an attorney reduces the amount of evidence prosecutors can use, the likelihood they can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt usually goes down.

In most criminal cases, these issues are largely theoretical and often these matters settle out of court. So, a defense like lack of evidence or a procedural error is like the odometer reading on a used car. These things create negotiation leverage. These negotiated settlements, especially if a defense attorney has leverage, usually include reduced sentences and/or reduced charges. Fizer Bonding Company recognizes the first step to a strong self defense is to be free on bond. Another reason we are the real deal. 

All these services and more are available from the Clarksville, TN bail bonds location of Fizer Bonding Company.  Contact us 24/7 to get out of jail in Montgomery County fast and easy. We get your “tail outta jail” 24/7 Fizer Bonding Company is a proud member of the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents. 

“We’ll get your tail outta jail!”

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