The Volunteer State has been in the Union since 1796 (well, except for the secession years). Over the last 225 years, a lot of weird laws have found their way onto the Tennessee books. However, people still can and do get arrested for violating some of these dumb laws in Tennessee. If that happens to you, however strange or normal the law is, get in touch with your Fizer Bonding Company (bail bonds Clarksville TN) bondsman in Montgomery and Robertson Counties.

Skunk Importation

It is illegal to carry a foreign skunk into Tennessee. Apparently, someone thought that these animals would disrupt the ecosystem or maybe they did not want the competition to the local species due to ages ago pelt hunting?  Either that, or they just did not like the way they smelled.

Selling Hollow Logs

It is also illegal to sell a hollow log. Honestly, we aren’t sure about this dumb laws in Tennessee. Perhaps some unscrupulous shysters were trying to sell hollow logs to good people while passing them off as whole logs. That’s just downright wrong.

Excessively High Estrogen Levels

It is illegal for more than eight women to live in the same house. Such dwellings are considered brothels in some areas. Law enforcement still uses tactics like this one to identify drug houses. Of course, genetic testing is available these days to verify familial relations so you don’t need to be worried about large families being stormed in upon by the police just because there are 9 girls in the family. So, whether there are too many unrelated female roommates or too much unusual foot traffic going on, you may need Fizer Bonding Company if this is a problem in Clarksville, Tennesse.

Aggressive Female Dating

If you are an independent woman, you may not want to drive around the town of Oneida with your window down and be calling out to the gentlemen here. In this community, it’s technically illegal for women to call men and ask them for dates. Once again, this dumb laws in Tennessee is probably an outdated prostitution thing or else the women there were just very jealous.

Whale Hunting

It is normally illegal in most states to hunt from a moving vehicle. But there is an exception in Tennessee. You do not need a bondsman if you shoot at a whale from a moving vehicle. Matter of fact, you can do it all day long. We’re just not sure where you would find one in Tennessee except at SeaWorld. And you would probably most definitely get in trouble for that and need a bondman.

Lassoing a Fish

This form of angling is illegal in Tennessee. Once again, we’re pretty much at a total loss here unless someone gets a land-based farm animal confused with a water dwelling fish.

Posting Images Online Without a Legitimate Purpose

This law is probably designed to prevent “revenge porn” and other such acts. But it’s so broadly worded that it could apply to half the videos on YouTube. The saving grace is that the image must also cause emotional distress. So, that cuts it down to about a quarter of YouTube videos…but the other three-fourths is a crap shoot for sure. Therefore, post judiciously and keep your posts benign and happy when in Tennessee.

If you have been arrested for one of these 7 dumb laws in Tennessee or want more information about the bonding process for the Tennessee criminal justice system, contact Fizer Bonding Company in Clarksville, TN. Our family-owned company has over 40 years of bail bond experience and provide discreet and speedy 24-hour bond release services in Montgomery and Robertson Counties. For more information about how bail bonds work, see our webpage.  Fizer Bonding Company is a member of Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents.

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