It is hard to visit loved ones in jail.  Especially hard if you don’t know where to go, when to go and how to follow the rules.   Below are important pieces of information to guide you if your loved one is in the Montgomery County Jail.  

In order to visit an inmate at the Montgomery County Jail, you must first complete an application requesting permission.   Applications can be filled out online here:

Note that you will not be approved for visitation if you are a convicted felon or have been held in the Montgomery County Jail within the last 6 months.  Applications must be submitted for each person attempting to visit, including minors. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. The inmate must put your name(s) on their visitor list as well to get visits scheduled.  

A maximum of 3 visitors can be scheduled per visit and inmates are allowed two visits per week (30 mins each visit).

Jail Visiting Location/Days/Hours

Directions to Montgomery County Jail

  • From I-24 West
  • Take the US-79 exit 4 toward Clarksville/Ft. Campbell
  • Turn left onto US-79 S/Wilma Rudolph Blvd/TN-13S.
  • Continue to follow US-79 S/Tn-13 S.
  • US-79 S/TN-13 S becomes College St/TN-48
  • Turn left onto University Ave/US-41A/TN-112/N 6th Street
  • End at 116 Commerce Street.

Visitation hours are by appointment only Wednesday & Saturday OR Thursday & Sunday. Appointment times start at 6:00 pm until 9:30 pm.

Montgomery County Official Jail Visitation Phone for scheduling appointments is 931-648-0615 ext. 13089.

Montgomery County Jail Rules, Regulations, and Policies

The following rules apply to all visitors who wish to visit with an inmate at the Montgomery County Jail:

  • No CELL PHONES or electronic devices (Cell phones cannot be left with the Deputy and cannot enter the visitation room. Please leave them in your vehicle or do not bring them at all).
  • No bags, purses, back packs, diaper bags, food, and drinks will be allowed in visitation.
  • No SLEEVELESS shirts of any kind (this includes tube tops, halter tops, tank tops, and anything that exposes shoulders or cleavage area).
  • No SHORT skirts or shorts (They are allowed if at a reasonable length).
  • No revealing clothing (example: excessive cleavage, clothing that is see-through).
  • Any supervisor, or visitation Deputy, may deem clothing unfit for visitation. Any visitor who is in violation of this directive, will not be permitted to visit, until they comply with this policy.
  • No sagging.
  • Everyone (including children) entering visitation must have a visit scheduled and must have filled out the visitation form available on our website or at the booking window (Maximum of 3 visitors scheduled per visit). All inmates are allowed two visits per week (30 mins each visit). Everyone scheduled must share time with the others that are scheduled. Any conflicts will result in both parties being banned from visitation.
  • No running, jumping, climbing, yelling, cursing, obscene gestures or disrespectful comments.
  • You can only visit with the inmate you are scheduled to visit. Speaking to other inmates will result in you being asked to leave.
  • When your visit is over, you must leave (Please save any questions for the Deputy for when they are not signing people in).
  • Destruction of County Property will be prosecuted.
  • We do not accept books or clothing at visitation. We now have a jail library and inmates are issued socks and underwear. T-shirts are available for purchase on commissary.
  • No tobacco products (this includes dip and e-cigs).
  • If you are a victim of a crime, you are not allowed to make appointments to visit the inmate charged with that crime.
  • If you miss 3 visits within a 30 day period without properly canceling the visit it may result in suspension of privileges. Repeated offenses may result in a permanent ban.
  • Kitchen workers will not receive visits during standard visitation times. Their visits will be scheduled for a time during the day when they are not working.

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