Success in sports is usually a team effort. Football running backs are inefficient without guys to block for them, baseball pitchers are inefficient unless the defense makes plays, and so on.

Success in criminal court is much the same. It is definitely a team effort between your bondsman (bail bonds near me) and an experienced attorney. While Tennessee bail bond laws generally prohibit attorneys and bail bondsman from directly working together, they are still on the same team.

How a Bondsman Helps

Plea bargains resolve about 94 percent of the criminal cases in the State of Tennessee. If the defendant is incarcerated, s/he might take the first plea deal that comes along just to get the case over with. Defendants who are free on bond have many more options. Moreover, these individuals are in a much better position to help their lawyers. Even with the excellent resources that Montgomery and Robertson County prosecutors have at hand, your attorney can appreciate the professional services of the bondsman at Fizer Bonding Company.

Generally, a bail bondsman can arrange release for a fraction of the total bail amount. Defendants who are out of jail take full advantage of the presumption of innocence. The opposite is often true if the defendant is in jail. Many jurors assume that people in jail did something wrong, regardless of what the judge says about the presumption of innocence.

How an Attorney Helps

Prosecutors in Montgomery and Robertson County, Tennessee must establish each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s the highest level of proof in the law. Many times, prosecutors simply do not have enough evidence. For example, police officers only need probable cause to arrest defendants. Beyond a reasonable doubt is a much, much higher standard.

Some affirmative defenses may be available as well. In certain specific intent crimes, like murder and aggravated assault, voluntary intoxication may be a defense. Self-defense may be available in these cases as well.

A good attorney is more than a tough advocate. Your lawyer is also a highly-experienced negotiator. That’s very important in plea bargain talks. Sometimes, these arrangements may involve reduced charges or a shorter sentence. For example, pleading guilty to something like reckless driving may be an option in some DUI cases. Although they are both misdemeanors, reckless driving does not have nearly as many collateral consequences as DUI.

To get your legal defense off to a good start when you have been arrested in the Tennessee 19th Judicial District (Robertson and Montgomery counties) contact Fizer Bonding Company. For over 30 years, their experienced bondsmen have been available 24/7 every day “365” of the year.   If you have additional question about how bail works, please see our web page on Bail Process.  Fizer Bonding Company is a proud member of TAPBA Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents  

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