2021 has already looked different than other years—with COVID-19 and winter weather unlike that of other winters, there’s been a lot of uncertainty so far. But one thing that might have looked familiar, even with other things changing? Girl Scout Cookies for sale. Amid many changes to all our lives, the familiar bright-colored boxes are for sale as they’ve been in many years before by scout troops across the country (to find them near you in Clarksville, you can check out this calendar).

You might know that purchasing these cookies does more than satisfy your sweet tooth—sales help fund Girl Scout events in your local area, and donations can help out soldiers and non-profits. But it might surprise you to learn that helping support Girl Scouts can actually have a larger impact on your community at large. This program is more than an after-school activity—youth organizations like Girl Scouts can help to lower female crime.

At Fizer Bonding Company, we provide Robertson and Montgomery County bail bonds (bonding). We know that no parent ever wants to find themselves wondering “where can I find bail bond near me?” Here, we’ll break down this link between organizations like Girl Scouts and reduced crime among young women.

How can extracurricular activities help reduce crime?

While it might seem like extracurricular activities—those clubs, teams, and groups that young adults participate in outside of school—are just a place for students to have fun, they actually serve a very important function in helping students in all aspects of their lives. This kind of group boosts academic performance—kids who are involved are more likely to do well in school and eventually graduate.

But that’s not all. According to The World Report on Violence and Health, after-school groups—including sports, arts groups, or Girl Scouts—offer kids and teens a place where they get to participate in team activities and be recognized for being constructive in these groups. They also promote self-expression and communication. Why are those things important? These skills, and participation in a structured program, promote self-esteem, which contributes to lower rates of juvenile delinquency and higher academic performance.

The timing of these groups can also be important—by filling after-school hours with positive activities, it ensures that kids aren’t spending their free time alone, which allows them to get into trouble more easily. Most crimes committed by juveniles are committed in those after-school and early evening hours—but when kids are in organizations like Girl Scouts, these hours are full, drastically reducing opportunities to get in mixed up with the law.      

 Can this type of youth group have other benefits?

In addition to promoting teamwork and communication, and reducing opportunities for kids to be involved in crime, organizations like Girl Scouts can have big positive impacts on mental health—and support for mental health can also help reduce criminal activity. Kids in these groups have an opportunity to express themselves in a healthy, productive way—whether that’s through learning activities with teammates or through community service and outreach.

And learning these life skills can have a lasting impact. Kids and teens report high levels of stress, and stress and anxiety about COVID-19 have contributed to that as well. Organizations like Girl Scouts can promote friendships and can give adolescents a safety net of trusted teammates and group leaders who they can turn to in troubled times. And those skills—like healthy communication and self-expression—are lasting throughout life.

What do the Girl Scouts do to support young women?

Since their origin in 1912, the Girl Scouts have changed to keep up with the times, developing badges that girls can earn for things ranging from learning about cybersecurity to interacting well with others, providing first-aid, and serving their communities. Girls earn badges for learning and practicing skills that tie into those big factors that help youth groups reduce crime: self-expression, communication, and teamwork. Members learn to express themselves, become part of a team, and give back to a community.

The organization says that new badges for civics, automotive engineering, entrepreneurship, and STEM careers help to set members up for success in life well after their graduations. And World Thinking Day (February 22) encourages girls around the world to think about how to build peace as a constructive member of their community. These overarching skills help set girls up for a lifetime of success—getting involved can help them stay out of trouble in the long run.

Cookie sales are a big funding opportunity for Girl Scout troops—but this yearly program isn’t just about sweet treats. The Girl Scouts cookie program helps participants learn lots of skills—like how to manage money, set goals, and work as part of an ethical business group. And in adapting to work during the pandemic, members have thought creatively to change practices to make them safe for everyone involved.  

These life skills that are taught through the cookie program—such as how to build relationships, be aware of yourself, and make decisions—can play a huge role in reducing crime and violence. When girls learn about these important ways to regulate themselves and their emotions, they learn how to handle situations in a healthy, productive way—and this can greatly reduce their risk of violence or crime down the road. And by boosting engagement with school and academics, these organizations encourage graduation and even further reduce that risk. Buying cookies? A win-win situation.

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