After a person has been arrested and arrived at the Robertson County or Montgomery County jail they will stay there until their arraignment. During the arraignment hearing, the person who was arrested will now be referred to as a defendant and be told of the charges that are filed against them as well as their bail amount, or bail price for their crime.

Bail is an amount of money along with an agreement with the court that you can be released from jail before the hearing for your crime. There will always be conditions set by the court that go along with the bail such as giving the address where you will be living and your contact information.

There are exceptions to being given bail. If the court believes that the defendant might try to leave the state or country or bring harm to others in their community then they might not be given the option for bail.

After the defendant has learned what their bail amount is then a bondman can post a bond. The time to call Fizer Bonding Company, LLC is when you have found out that your friend or loved one has been arrested and taken to jail so that you have your bondsman ready to begin the bail process.

The option for Bail is given to defendants because after a person has been arrested for a crime the court has to prove that they are guilty.  Bail finds its origins during the Anglo-Saxon period of England and was used to help settle disputes among its people.

Today, when a person is arrested they are assumed innocent until it is proved they are guilty. A bail bondsman will do everything possible so to get you out of jail quickly.   

The bondsman will act as a surety to make sure that the defendant will come back to court on their court date and appear before the judge to resolve their case.  The bail bond becomes the collateral to make sure that the defendant shows up on their court date.

When you help your family or loved one by posting their bail, you are helping them continue to go to work, get their children to school, buy groceries and and take care of the chores of daily life.  

What does it mean to co-sign a bail bond?

When you co-sign a bail bond for your friend or loved one in Tennessee, also known as becoming an indemnitor, you agree to also being responsible for the actions of the defendant while they are continuing to live their life while free on bail.

Therefore, you are now highly invested in helping make sure that they appear for their court date on the right day and time. Most co-signers must prove that they have lived as a resident in their community and at the same address for a certain period of time.

The indemnitor (co-signer) might have to pay the full bail amount if the defendant does not show up for their court date. If this happens the the bail agent will then use this money to pay the bail to the court.

An arrest warrant will be placed on the defendant to be returned to the court after a certain period of time if they cannot be found. Should the bail bond agency have to hire a private bounty hunter to find the defendant, the indemnitor (co-signer) might have to pay this cost as well.

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